the best is yet to come pewter keyring by kutuu

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the best is yet to come pewter keyring by kutuu


the best is yet to come pewter keyring

This wonderfully sentimental little keyring is decorated with an embossed floral design. On the reverse the disc is imprinted with the phrase "the best is yet to come". The disc has a lightly beaten, matte finish.


Materials: pewter disc; stainless steel clip

Size: disc measures 2.8cm diameter; clip measures 3.5cm


About Kutuu

Kutuu is a small family company taking inspiration from everyday moments to create meaningful keepsakes from pewter. They wholeheartedly believe that it is the smallest things that hold the greatest meaning. With this idea in mind they create sweet symbols and meaningful messages for you to tuck into the pockets of the ones you love.


Since 2006, each design has started at the workbench with the business creator, Hannah Salomon, where sheet metal is cut, stamped and shaped into keyrings, bookmarks and pocket tokens as well as other daily life details. These are all then made here in their studio.


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