stud earrings

handmade silver stud earrings

Handcrafted stud earrings by Britain’s most creative jewellers

Our collection of stud earrings have been handmade in the UK by the most talented jewellers and artists. Whether you're seeking classic studs to wear everyday or something unusual and quirky to make a loved one smile you'll find something here for all tastes, styles and budgets. 

Each pair of stud earrings is handcrafted in the UK by our wonderfully talented British designers including Linda Macdonald, Amanda Coleman, Fi Mehra, Lavan and Prism Designs. Not only created in classic sterling silver, our stud earring selection includes gold, titanium, pewter and ceramic stud earrings as well as those adorned with pearls, gemstones and glass.

Our handmade earrings collection also includes drops and hoops

You can discover our full collection of handmade stud earrings at iapetus gallery in Great Malvern, Worcestershire. Find our opening times and directions on our contact page.

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