beach clean A5 notebook cover + notebook by liga

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beach clean A5 notebook cover + notebook by liga


beach clean A5 notebook cover + notebook by liga

Love Eco Living! This fabulous notebook cover is made from Liga's unique 'Beach Clean' material which combines cork with recycled EVA plastics (like flip-flops). Beautiful and practical the mottled surface is bound to create a conversation! 

The beach clean notebook cover holds a standard A5 notebook (one plain one comes with this to get you started). 

Please Note: Due to the process every notebook cover will differ in colour due to the unique mixture of EVA plastics making them unique in style and colour.

About Beach Clean
Liga's new beach clean material is made from hand harvested cork and recycled EVA plastic saved from our oceans. Their cork oak forests are home to many endangered species of animals birds and plants. We can help them - the more cork we buy the more trees will be planted. What's more... cork is naturally harvested from the cork oak tree, every nine years, without harm. Combining recycled EVA plastic with sustainably sourced cork, Beach Clean products are incredibly Eco-conscious. 

Materials: cork and recycled plastic - saved from our oceans.

Size: A5

About Liga

Liga are a family business passionate about they do - drawing inspiration from nature to design eco homewares for everyday living, using only sustainable materials. These materials include Ethically sourced Cork, recycled papers, vegan wax, compostable cloth, bamboo, and recycled EVA plastics. They are all ethically sourced from around the world with the hand printing, making and finishing carefully done in Cornwall. 

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